RDQ Series 450mah 2S FPV Battery - 70C XT30 (Long Type)

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The RDQ 450mah 2S battery is a tremendous combination of performance and value. Give your micro setups plenty of pop with the battery's rated 70c output and XT30 connector!

NOTE: This battery is not compatible with BetaFPV 75X frame.

In the RDQ Series lineup, we also have 3S 450mah3S 550mah3S 650mah3S 850mah, 5S 850mah, 4S 1500mah5S 1300mah,  6S 1250mah, 6S 1300mah, 3S 2200mah, and 5S 2200mah packs.



  • Capacity: 450mAh
  • Size: 60.7x13.5x16.5mm
  • Weight: 28.9g
  • Balance lead: 37mm
  • XT30 length: 53mm

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