Spedix GS30 32Bit DShot1200 30A ESC

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Spedix is known for making amazing ESCs, and they've done it again with the GS 30a ESC. With 32 bit protocol, this ESC can run DShot 1200. While a few off brands have made ESCs capable of this, Spedix is the first major brand to deliver it in a reliable package. It's lightweight, small, and affordable which makes it a great choice for your next ESC. If you love being on the cutting edge of drone racing technology, the GS30 32 Bit DShot 1200 ESC by Spedix is the ESC for you!


Firmware: Blheli_32

Input: 2-4s Lipo

Current: 30A

Burst: 40A upto 10 seconds

Size: 23x14x5 mm

Weight: 6g (including Cables)

Spedix GS30 32 Bit DShot 1200 ESC for Sale