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SVS Injection-Molded Hinge Set for 1" PVC FPV Drone Racing Gates (1 full gate, 2 hinges)

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The SVS Gate Hinge is the first injection-molded offering of its kind, revolutionizing drone racing track setup. Specifically designed for compatibility with 1" Schedule 40 PVC pipe, this hinge simplifies the conversion of existing gates. Built to withstand multiple years of abuse, its exceptional durability surpasses traditional PVC elbows, providing a reliable solution for both amateur and professional racing events. The strength of the SVS Gate Hinge accommodates both 5x5 and 7x6 gates, offering a versatile and robust solution for your racing needs. Elevate your racing experience with the innovation and longevity of the SVS Gate Hinge, Better tracks through easier building.

This includes 1 hinge set to complete 1 x Outdoor FPV Racing Gate.


  • Manufacturing: Injection-Molded
  • Material: Proprietary Nylon Blend
  • Connection: 1" PVC or Conduit
  • Color: Off White


  • 2 x SVS Injected-Molded FPV Drone Racing Gate Hinges w/ Metal Pin