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TBS Source One V5 5" Freestyle/Long Range Frame

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The TBS SourceOne V5 5" Freestyle Frame is a pre-fitted, X-configured frame, ready to fit a full-sized air unit. Its wide stance and durability makes it popular for freestyle and long range acrobatic flying, while its optimized light-weight construction ensures it can withstand heavy crashes. Press nuts come already installed, making it a reliable, everyday workhorse for casual FPV flying and competitive freestyle. Learn more about the SourceOne project from TBS.

As a bonus, add some 7" arms to this frame and you can use it in Street League Racing.

 About the Project

The SOURCE ONE project is a first-of-its-kind collaborative FPV frame project initiated by Team BlackSheep. The frame is donated to the community to empower creators and makers and integrate best practices and current trends faster into a continuously manufactured product. In return, it allows the local distribution network to have cheap and direct access to a good frame in order to allow them to compete in an increasingly predatory marketplace.

The hope is for this frame to enable broad access to FPV thanks to a low price point, great documentation, and wide availability of compatible parts and accessories, without violating other people’s intellectual property.

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  • Wheelbase: 226mm
  • Top Plate: 2mm
  • Bottom Plate: 2.5mm
  • Middle Plate: 2mm
  • Arms Spacer: 6mm
  • Standoff Height: 30mm and 22mm
  • Camera plate: 2mm
  • Arm Thickness: 6mm
  • Stack Mounting: 30.5m30.5mm, 20x20mm and DJI Air Unit
  • Weight: 123.5g


  • 1x TBS Source One V5 5" Freestyle Frame Kit