Video Aerial Systems VAS ION V2 5.8GHz SMA Antenna - RHCP or LHCP

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The VAS Ion V2 Antenna is the latest product from Video Aerial Systems, and raises the bar when it comes to video quality. Designed as smaller and more efficient long range antenna, the Ion V2 is simply the best omni-directional antenna for the long range pilot.   With a gain of 2.5dbic and an axial ratio of .94, the Ion V2 is perfect for both the aircraft and your goggles.  The cable is longer which allows the antenna to clear electronics (or your head in goggle applications) for maximum signal clarity.


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Gain – 2.5dbic

Axial ratio: 0.94 (measured)

Antenna dimensions: 28mmX20mm

Cable length: 72mm


VAS ION V2 RHCP Antenna 5.8Ghz for Sale