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WREKD BEAST V2 Extreme Durability High-Stakes Battery Strap - Choose Size

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Size: 250mm x 20mm
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Extreme Durability, High-Stakes, No Compromise. 

The BEAST battery strap is the strongest battery strap we've ever used. Perfect for extreme racing and freestyle conditions! Where others seem to fail, time after time, these do not.

It's fully Kevlar woven & stitched and blanketed with 3M Non-Slip Rubber.

These are our favorite battery straps because although they cost a bit more, they survive the worst crashes and hold your packs tight without vibrations.

With the 100% seamless buckle, the metal is no longer a weak point like all other straps on the market. When we say seamless, we mean it... the material is sewn around the buckle, not the other way around. Also, they're zinc-coated for extra protection.  These are also triple stitched with kevlar thread at the buckle to ensure the buckle cannot break through the material.


    • Kevlar stitched all the way from end to end.
    • 3M Sticky Rubber holds your battery secure under the hardest conditions.
    • Absorbs vibrations and prevents excess gyro noise.
    • 100% seamless buckle (NOT WELDED, ZERO SEAM!) and zinc-coated.
    • Available in 2 sizes! (More to come)
      • 230x16mm: Perfect size for ultra lite 5" racing builds and smaller freestyle rigs.
      • 250x20mm: The original size. Perfect size for traditional 5" racing builds and traditional freestyle builds.


  • Buckle Type: Seamless, Zinc-Coated
  • Strap Material: Kevlar Woven
  • Non-Slip Material: 3M Non-Slip Gridded Silicone
  • Buckle Material: Metal
  • Buckle Thickness: 2.5mm
  • Weight:
    • 230x16mm: 7.7g
    • 250x20mm: 9.4g


  • 1 x WREKD BEAST Extreme Durability Battery Strap - Choose Size