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WREKD FPV Drone Rubber Bands (20 pcs) - Choose Color

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Color: Red (Small)
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I bet you didn't think there were specially made rubber bands designed for FPV quads, did you? Well, you're right... there aren't... but we sell them for various reasons listed below.

Color does technically determine size, but we all know size doesn't matter... especially in open class...

Unique Uses

  • Holds down battery leads during flight.
  • Uniquely distinguishes your batteries from others.
  • Quickly tie down something on your quad from vibrating.
  • Ties down squirly wires.
  • Wrap them around fat stacks of cash after you win a big race.
  • Holds together loose parts in your bag.
  • A very uncomfortable pony tail holder.
  • A very painful (yet stylish) wrist band.
  • They've been known to make her dance, I think? Ask Juicy J...? 🤷🏻‍♀️


  • 20 x WREKD FPV Drone Rubber Bands - Choose Color