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GEPRC CL30 Cinelog30 Cinewhoop 3" Micro Frame Kit

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The latest 3-inch frame from GEPRC, the CL30 is now officially released.

The CL30 has upgraded the design of the CL25 Cinelog25. It continues the 26.5×26.5mm FC hole position and 20x20mm image transmission hole position. It can be installed with mainstream FC AIOs, DJI Vista modules, and most of the analog VTXs on the market. The 9x9mm motor holes can be installed with 1404-1408 motors, and the power output is strong with 3-inch blades. GEP has improved the shock absorption design of the damping platform to provide a more stable shooting effect. Ultra-light body weight, this 3-inch can carry a GoPro Hero 8 naked camera or an Insta360 Go2 camera can be installed with GoPro camera mount.

GEPRC pursues lighter body weight, a better flying feel, and more extended functions.

Check out all our DJI-compatible frames, electronics, and accessories as well as our whole GEPRC product line!


  • Dimensions: 180x180x38mm (Including the propeller guard)
  • Frame Style: Cinewhoop
  • Top plate: 2.0mm
  • Bottom plate: 2.0mm
  • Arm Thickness: 3.0mm
  • Stack Size: 26.5x26.5mm
  • Motor Mount: 9x9mm
  • Camera Mount: 14-19mm (Nano and Micro size)
  • Weight: 62.6g (Including the Prop Guard, and 3D Prints)



    • 1x Top Plate 2.0mm
    • 1x Arm Plate 3.0mm
    • 1x bottom Plate 2.0mm
    • 2x Knurled nut M2
    • 4x Aluminum Column M2x3.5×25
    • 2x M2x4mm cup head screws
    • 28x M2x6.5mm round head screws
    • 10x M2x8mm round head screws
    • 7x M2x9mm round head screws
    • 4x M2x10mm round head screws
    • 1x M2x12mm cup head screw
    • 4x M2x16mm cup head screws
    • 1x M2 Rivet nut
    • 4x M2 Lock nuts
    • 8x M2 Iron nuts
    • 8x M2 * 6.5mm damping rings
    • 9x damping platform rings
    • 1x 19x19mm Camera Mount
    • 1x VTX Antenna Mount
    • 1x TBS T-shaped Antenna Mount
    • 1x TBS NanoRX Mount
    • 1x Camera Protector
    • 6x 3 in Propeller Guard
    • 1x GoPro Camera Mount
    • 4x EVA Damping Ring of Guards
    • 2x 3M Double Tapes
    • 2x Silicone Pads
    • 2x Landing Pads
    • 1x M15x200mm Battery Strap
    • 1x M15x150mm Battery Strap
    • 1x L-shaped (1.5mm)