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HappyModel SE 0802 19000Kv Micro Motor

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The Happymodel SE0802 19000KV are the direct replacement motors for the Mobula 6 HD 1S, so RDQ has you covered! It will also work great on racing whoops and toothpicks! 

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  • Kv: 19000Kv
  • Input Voltage: 1SS LiPo
  • Configuration: 9N12P
  • Motor Dimensions: Φ10.5mm x 14.9mm
  • Stator Dimensions: Φ8mm x 2mm
  • Shaft Diameter: Φ1mm
  • Mounting Pattern: Φ7mm
  • Weight: 1.9g


  • 1x HappyModel SE0802 19000Kv Micro Motor
  • 4x Motor Screws

Note: this motor is sold by HappyModel as a mix of CW & CCW options. These should be interchangeable, but if for some reason the rotation of the motor is not going the direction you desire, then you can simply reverse the settings in BLHeli or swap any two motor wires to reverse the direction.