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Omni-Directional 5.8GHz Articulated SMA "Rubber Ducky" Antenna - Linear

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Used to be everyone had a pile of these laying around. If you're flying a linear dipole on your whoop and wondering where your old rubber ducky flew off to, we've got you covered! NewBeeDrone explains it simply in their Honey Patch listing: 

"If you are using a linear whip antenna on your micro quad and using a circular antenna to receive you would be experiencing a 3db loss due to the mixed polarization signals, for each 3db drop in signal that is a half in power so effectively your 25mW vtx will only be seen as transmitting 12.5mW."

Just a simple linear omni antenna, these work great when paired with a linear patch like the NewbeeDrone Honey Patch or the Menace Bandicoot on your diversity module.

The downside of linear polarization is its susceptibility to multi-path interference. Locations with lots of metal and hard surfaces will tend to reflect lots of RF causing a noisy FPV feed. The ImmersionRC rapidFIRE module is terrific at handling this type of interference.

Check out all our linear antennas as well as the entire receiver antenna selection!


  • 360° rotation and 90° bend articulation of easy mounting and positioning
  • Knurled SMA for easy installation and removal
  • Cheap!


  • Gain: 3 dBi
  • Type: Omni-directional Dipole
  • Polarization: Linear Vertical
  • VSWR: 1.8:1
  • Frequency: 5100~5800MHz
  • Size: L105xW10xH10mm
  • Weight: 14g


  • 1x Omni-Directional 5.8GHz Articulated SMA "Rubber Ducky" Antenna - Linear