Armattan Beaver 5" Frame

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All Armattan warranty claims must be handled directly through Armattan. Please follow this link with instructions on how to file for a warranty claim.

Introducing the Armattan Bobcat. It's no secret that 4 inch models are making a comeback on the FPV scene. With the right power plant and with new technology available from Caddx and DJI, it is now possible to put together a lightweight 4 inch quad capable of very good endurance and HD recording. The Bobcat is Armattan's take on what they think is the best solution for this type of application. 

Armattan had to step outside of their comfort zone for this design. Their designs are never meant to be the lightest thing on the market. Until now they focused a lot on freestyle designs. Armattan offers a lifetime warranty and that means their models need to be able to take a beating.

After many designs and prototypes, the Armattan Beaver Frame 5" Quadcopter Frame Kit is here! The Armattan Beaver features a strong carbon frame with thicker arms than previous versions which makes it the strongest to date. This frame focuses on noise reduction, easy maintenance,  and versatility for use with a variety of electronics. With a weight of 126g, this frame is lighter than previous Armattan frames. 

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  • Ease of maintenance: Only one bolt needs to be removed to replace an arm at the field
  • Well-balanced frame (strength and weight distribution)
  • Great price point for a high-end, freestyle frame
  • Thicker arms than any other previous frame
  • Light and small camera cage
  • Easy to tune for newcomers
  • Strong, stiff and light frame
  • Crash-protection provisions
  • Good-looking frame
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Noise reduction
  • Versatile


  • Stack Mounting: Two 30.5x30.5mm stacks(center and rear) + Two 20x20mm stacks (4 possible positions)
  • FPV Camera Mount: 20mm(DJI) or 19mm Micro cam
  • Motor Mount Pattern: 16x16 or 16x19 or 19x19mm
  • Warrantied Parts: All CF and alumi frame parts
  • Main Plate Thickness: 2.5mm
  • Frame Shape: Compressed X
  • Frame Weight: 126 grams
  • Max Stack Height: 25mm
  • Motor to Motor: 235mm
  • Arm Thickness: 5mm


Carbon Fiber

  • 1x 2mm bottom plate
  • 1x 2.5mm main plate
  • 4x 5mm arms 5 inch
  • 1x 2mm top plate
  • 1x 4mm arm core


4x M3 25mm profiled alumi standoff
  • 5x M3 20mm button head iron bolt
  • 6x Aluminum cone spacer orange
  • 5x M3 6mm nylon standoff F/F
  • 20x M3 6mm 12.9 grade bolt
  • 5x M3 10mm 12.9 grade bolt
  • 5x M2 2.5mm cup head bolts
  • 2x M3 20mm alumi standoff

  • 9x M3 12mm cup head bolt
  • 3x M3 16mm cup head bolt
  • 5x M2 18mm cup head bolt
  • 5x M2 nylon washer
  • 14x M3 nylon nuts
  • 5x M2 nylock


  • 1x Right aluminum cam brace orange
  • 1x Left aluminum cam brace orange
  • 2x Aluminum tail posts orange
  • 2x Aluminum cam saver black


  • 4x Dog bone landing pads
  • 1x Air unit foam
  • 1x Center foam
  • 1x Lite grip


  • 1x 25cm clear heat-shrink 20mm wide
  • 4x Motor wire extension PCB
  • 1x Universal antenna mount
  • 2x White lipo strap