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BrandanFPV FPV Worry Free Extreme Waterproofing - 20ml - Choose your Version

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Eliminate your environmental concerns with the Brandan FPV Worry Free Waterproof Coating! Designed to safeguard your FPV electronics from moisture exposure, this is the perfect solution for when the weather isn't ideal. No need to fret just apply Worry Free conformal coating and continue flying without interruption due to unfavorable conditions or humidity! 

Note: Choose between a kit with accessories or just the 20ml tube

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  • Protects FPV Electronics from Moisture
  • Waterproofing Made SImple
  • Easy Application

    Application Instructions

    1. Tear down all parts so you can easily put Worry-Free FPV on, no need to unsolder.
    2. Clean up all surfaces with an air blower, brush, or cloth to avoid dust, oil, moist or any other things that cover it.
    3. Apply Worry-Free FPV to all components such as flight controller, VTX, camera boards evenly and slowly. Let dry for 15-20 minutes and then continue to add additional coats as needed to ensure all desired surfaces are covered.
    4. To coat FPV camera you can put Worry-Free FPV on camera connector, on camera case especially on connection between case, and FPV camera focus ring
    5. Do not coat wiring harness connectors.
    6. Do one side at a time or wait until Worry-Free FPV is dry then move to the other side.

    Important Tips

    • The application of this product does not guarantee your electronics will be waterproof. Please always allow time to dry (usually 24h) and test to ensure all desired surfaces are covered.
    • If you cover chips such as a barometer you may lose the functionality of the chip.


    • Color: Clear/Transparent
    • Material: Silicone
    • Volume: 20ml

    FPV Worry Free Extreme Kit Contents

    • 1x Wooden Application Stick
    • 1x Plastic Application Stick
    • 2x Micro-USB Covers
    • 2x USB-C Covers
    • 1x Medium Brush
    • 1x Toothpick


    • 1x BrandanFPV FPV Worry Free Extreme Waterproofing - 20ml - Choose your Version