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Cyclone 5050 Bi-Blade Props - Blue, Green, Black

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DAL Prop's new Cyclone 5050 Bi-Blade prop is one for the speed demons! With great high end speed, the 5050 dual prop is great for wide, fast courses where you are consistently pushing in the top half of the throttle. Another advantage is that the Cyclone Bi-Blade 5050s will be more efficient than comparable tri blade props. So, you can expect longer flight times and more laps on the course! Where this prop lacks, when compared with tri bladed props, is in the corner and accelerating out of the corner. But, with these and the 5046C Tri or the DAL Cyclone 5050 Tri-Blade props carried here at RaceDayQuads, you will be ready for any course!

This prop is great recommended and will fly best with motors of at least 2400kv.

Contains a set of 2 cw and 2 ccw props, 4 total. 

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