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Cyclone 5050 Tri Blade Prop - Black, Blue, Orange, Green

  • $2.99

Grip and speed! The DAL Prop T5050C Tri-Blade prop is the newest prop in the Cyclone lineup. With more pitch than the 5046 prop, the 5050 has better cornering and acceleration characteristics. However, this comes at the cost of increase motor load, amp draw, and shorter flights. That being said, depending on your flying style and the type of flying or racing you enjoy doing, these could be the insane update you've been waiting for. We recommend a 2206 sized motor for this prop due to its increased pitch and demands on the motor. We also recommend a 1400mah or greater battery so that your flights are not cut too short. These props are an absolute ball and will get your blood pumping! Enjoy! For more efficiency but less cornering power and accelleration, we also offer the DAL Cyclone 5050 Bi-Blade Props.

Contains a set of 2 cw and 2 ccw props, 4 total. 



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