DAL Cyclone T5051C Tri-Blade 5" Prop 4 Pack - Choose Your Color

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The latest prop from DAL Cyclone Series, the DAL 5051 is all about responsiveness and feel! With its lightweight design, the prop is only 3.3g. This decreases spool up times, which increases feel and responsiveness. Absolutely perfect for lightweight builds, this prop excels in virtually every application. 

Listen to what Kabab FPV had to say about it, and see his review video below:

"At 3.3g, this prop is the very definition of 'light and wispy'. Coupled with the aggressive pitch, it is the most responsive prop I have ever flown. Acceleration is extremely impressive and overall throttle control is impeccable. Very good grip, fantastic control and skinny, seemingly anti-float blades round out the best features. This prop screams to be thrown onto an ultra light build. With such a low weight, the prop is a little less durable than the DAL T5040 (5x4x3 V2) but surprisingly good for its weight. Unfortunately with such an aggressive pitch, it's still a high load prop. So while a small motor can handle it fine, it's recommended to use a more recent motor (2204-2207) that has at least some torque to push the prop up to speed. Additionally, the T5051C draws considerably more amps than something like a simple 5x4x3. Similar to the Cyclone 5046 or maybe a little more. While your AUW will ultimately determine your overall amps drawn more than anything else, this prop works surprisingly well on acro builds around the 590g mark as long as you're smooth on the throttle. Overall, it is a fantastic addition to the Cyclone lineup and I commend DAL's prop engineer for this achievement.

Balance: Fantastic (super light blade)
Speed: Med - High (depends on AUW)
Torque/punch: High!
Grip: High
Response: EXTREME!
Durability: Low (but very good for 3.3g)
Noise profile: Below average
Battery hog: High

kV range: 2400-2800kv. Must have low AUW for high kv but it will be amazing on 2600-2800kv sub 365g AUW.
Power delivery: Super exactly linear
Good for: Acro and light quad racing. For modern 2204-2207/2306

The extremely low weight and aggressive pitch make this prop the most responsive prop I have ever felt by a significant margin. All properties are good except amp draw. Based on AUW, the amps can be managed but still annoying."

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