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Axis Flying C206 2006 2500Kv T-Mount Motor

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With FPV trending in cinematic and commercial filming, we – Axisflying – are very proud to present you our new C cinematic motor series.

The C series motor has been developed for Cinematic FPV pilots who fly to create and have high-quality requirements.

Cinematic pilots often only have one chance to capture their best shot so they work hard to fine-tune their flying abilities and master: control, anticipation and precision. We bring you today a new cinematic motor to help you enhance your cinematic flying skills.

The C series motor features the perfect balance required for your cinematic flights: smoothness, reactivity and high torque for a delicate control feel along high efficiency to maximize your flight time.

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  • C206 motor is special designed for 3.5inch cinewhoop and cinematic drone
  • It is easy to carry heavy GoPro10 or GoPro11
  • C206 motors run perfect with Gemfan D90-3 or HQ D90-3 and 4 props

Bearing Shield Technology

  • An IP53 rating dustproof and waterproof bearing placement design
  • BST protects from environmental elements and prolongs the smoothness and lifespan of the bearing
  • Increased thrust effciency and say goodbye to crush motor bearings


  • 2500KV is for 6S
  • Configuration: 12N14P / N52H arc magnet
  • Motor stator size: 2006
  • Motor mounting hole size: 4xM2 (Φ12mm)
  • Motor cables: AWG 20#, 150MM
  • Motor dimensions (Dia xLen): Φ24.6x20.6MM / T-MOUNT
  • Motor weight (including 150MM cables) : 22g
  • The motor is very powerful that can get over 0.9KG and most current is about 21.5A


  • 1x Axis Flying C206 2006 2500Kv Motor
  • 4x M2x5 screws for motor
  • 1x M3x4 screw for lock shaft
  • 2x M2x8 to lock Props