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Emax TinyHawk 1s HV 450mah Lipo Battery

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The Tinyhawk 1s lipo battery is a big part of the whole design around the great flight performance of the TinyHawk. The weight, the size, and the power from the High Voltage 450mah capacity cell were all considered during the design process. Engineers tested countless hours of flight and performance to achieve the best Lipo battery for you to enjoy up to 4 minutes of flying time!


Our pilots agree that at least 4-6 batteries will be required to have the best flying experience for an all day fun fly!


Voltage: 1s 4.35v HV

Capacity: 450 mAh

Discharge rating: 80c/160c


Required charger type: Any charger that has 4.35 High Voltage capabilities. This will keep you flying for up to 4 minutes per charge.



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