Foxeer Datura 2306.5 2550Kv Motor

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Foxeer has come out with a brand new motor for 2022, the Foxeer Datura 2306.5 2550Kv Motor! In their effort to perfect every aspect of FPV flying, they have decided to focus on the motors this time with great results! Try them for yourself and feel the power of Datura.

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  • Kv: 2550
  • Input Voltage: 3-4S
  • Configuration: 12N14P
  • Internal Resistance: 30Ω
  • ldle Current@10V: 1.9A
  • Motor Dimensions: 28.9x30.2mm
  • Stator Dimensions: 23X6.5mm
  • Shaft Diameter: 5mm
  • Mounting Pattern: 16x16mm
  • Weight (w/ wires): 32g


  • 1x Foxeer Datura 2306.5 2550Kv Motor