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Gas Lights for FPV Drone Racing Batteries by Quad Gas - Choose Color

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Color: Red
Battery: 6S
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We invented Gas Lights for the sole purpose of meeting MultiGP racing requirements without having to modify the drones with LEDs.

Gas Lights easily adhere to the sides of your 6S battery and plug directly into the battery lead of your battery.

Need to move your LEDs to a different quad? Just peel them off your battery, move them to a new battery, plug them in and strap the pack to your quad. You're ready to go!

If your battery happens to eject, there is a solid chance you will still be able to find it since the Gas Lights will still be attached and illuminated.  This is helpful during night racing on LED tracks.

"You can still see it because of the gas light!" - ArvinFPV


1 x Gas Lights Kit - Choose Color