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Hee Wing PNP PRO T1 Ranger Twin-Motor Wing - Grey

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This is a PNP wing, but assembly is still required. 
PNP vs PNP Pro
PNP Pro comes with the metal gear digital servo, 7g Digital Metal Gear Servo instead of 5g Digital Plastic Gear Servo, RGB Navigation Lights and Driver Board.

Designed for FPV flying, the Heewing T1 Ranger PNP Twin Motor Wing is a great wing all around.  Lightweight and portable, with a quick disassembly design, this build only takes minutes to put together and take apart. A small wingspan with large space for stress-free placement  for your electronic equipment.  And many other features to check out!

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  • Small, lightweight and portable at 730mm wingspan
  • Quick disassembly design. Assemble and disassemble for transportion in a minute
  • Powerful twin motor for thrust to weight ratio as high as 1.71 *PNP version only
  • Superb aerodynamic design. Stable at low speed
  • Large internal space to carry battery and electronics with high flexibility to achieve the best CG
  • Front and rear hatch for maximum flexibility organising your electronics
  • Dedicated front FPV camera mount
  • White foam is now the same high dense version as Gray foam
  • New revised air intake for better cooling
  • Easily detachable main wings reduce damage during a crash


  • Model: T1 Ranger PNP PRO
  • Material: EPP
  • Wingspan: 730mm
  • Length: 645mm
  • Height: 140mm
  • Weight:
  • Takeoff Weight: 350g to 500gram
  • Fuselage Size: 245m(L) x 51mm(W) x 48mm(H)
  • Minimum Speed: <20km/h
  • Maximum Speed: >120km/h
  • Maximum Range: > 25km
  • Maximum Cruise Time: > 65min
  • Package Dimension: 400mm x 230mm x 155mmm


  • 1x Heewing T1 Ranger PNP PRO Twin-Motor Wing
Preinstalled: 2x FX1406-3150KV BL motor, 2x FX-25A ESC, 3x 7g Digital Metal Gear Servo, RGB Lights Driver Board, 5V 3A UBEC, 2x 3830 propellers, Quick Release Wiring Plug for the Main Wings