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HOTA H24 245W GaN Gallium Nitride AC Adapter

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The HOTA H24 is a GaN adapter that HOTA. It works well with laptop PCs and other devices, and can charge devices up to 5 times faster than traditional adapters. This is because GaN (Gallium Nitride) can handle higher voltages and frequencies, making it more efficient at converting power from the wall to your laptop. Additionally, our GaN adapter is smaller and lighter than others

NOTE: the HOTA P24 PD Charger is sold separately. This listing is for the AC adapter.

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  •  245W XT60 output designed for the P24 PD Charger or anything you need a 20V XT60 output for.


  • INPUT: 100-130V 2.5A 50/60Hz / OUTPUT: 20V 8.5A 170W
  • INPUT: 200-240V 2.5A 50/60Hz / OUTPUT: 20V 12.25A 245W
  • Product Size: 100 x 70 x 30mm
  • Weight: 310g


  • HOTA H24 245W GaN Gallium Nitride AC Adapter 
  • HOTA P24 PD Charger is sold separately