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KYO34416T2, 1/10 EP Fazer Mk2 1970 Chevy Chevelle SS 454 LS6, Tuxedo Black - RTR

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KYO34416T2, 1/10 EP Fazer Mk2 1970 Chevy Chevelle SS 454 LS6, Tuxedo Black - RTR

1.) New Fazer Mk2 Chassis!! New simple and efficient shaft driven 4WD design with improved performance performance. Light weight and low C of G bathtub style design made of durable glass reinforced 66 nylon material.
2.) Licensed 1970 Chevy Chevelle SS 454 LS 6 BodyBody!! Molde d headlight / grill with light buckets(LED compatible).
3.) New complex true to scale 2pcs body with injecinjection molded parts like front and rear grills, side mirrors, fuel caps, etc etc.
4.) New scale vintage wheel design with brake rotor parts!! Also includes 0mm offset rotor hubs(Allowing 190mm width)!! New chrome plated wheels for true scale.
5.) New high grip old school radial tires!!
6.) New steering and double wishbone suspe nsion design for superior handling and damping characteristics. Plastic made of durable glass reinforced 66 nylon material. Adjustable caster angle(3 settings settings).
7.) 12mm big bore shocks.
8.) Reliable shaft d driven 4WD drive train design with slipper clutch.
9.) 2 bevel gear type diff system on front and rear.
10.) Easy gear mesh system(22T 30T)30T). Stock pinion is 22T.
11.) New p owerful Kyosho original 550 size 14T brushed motor
12.) N ew Kyosho Speed House KA060 91W water proof brushed 60A ESC with Super plug connectors. 2S LiPo compatible.
13.) New high response high torque KS 4081 04 WP water proof steering servo
14.) Utilizes a longer wheelbase chassis for more stability and scale appearance.
15.) New shock design and soft shock spring setup
16.) New RX box to protect from dust and debri s
17.) New Sy ncro 2.4GHz KT2 31P Radio system
18.) All hex hardware
19.) Full ball raced

Length: 484 mm, Width: 210 mm, Wheelbase: 274 mm, Tread: 167 mm (F) / 167 mm(R) Tire Width : 277 mm, Tire Diameter: 64 mm Weight Approx 165 0g Gear Ratio: 6.54:1 Top Speed : 40km / h Run Time : 15 min

Factory assembled chassis with graphics Servo (KS 4081 04 WP ) SYNCRO KT 231P transmitter and KR 331 Receiver unit Kyosho KA060 91W ESC and 1 4T motor

4 x AA battery for Transmitter 7.2V 8.4V NiMh or 7.4 LiPo battery and charger