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Mass Adhesive Electronic Goop

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  • Hold down circuit boards & components
  • Protects components from hot air
  • Holds wires to tin
  • Keeps components still without melting
  • Cleanly peels off
  • Wire management
Mass Adhesive Electronic Goop


Physical and chemical properties

  • Physical state: Solid
  • Form: Dark gray putty
  • Color: Dark gray
  • Flash point: 310 C
  • Relative Density: 1.78
  • Solubility(ies): Insoluble

Classification of the chemical in accordance with paragraph (d) of §1910.1200:

  • Physical hazards: Not classified as a physical hazard under GHS criteria
  • Health hazards: Not classified as a health hazard under GHS criteria
  • Environmental hazards: Not classified as an environmental hazard under GHS criteria.
  • GHS Hazard symbol(s): Not applicable.

First-aid Measures
Description of necessary measures:

  • Inhalation: Not applicable.
  • Skin contact: If too sensitive, seek medical attention/
  • Eye contact: In case of contact, do not remove. Get medical attention.
  • Ingestion: Not likely. If ingested, constipation or blockage may occur. Seek medical attention


  • 1x Mass Adhesive Electronic Goop