Model 170 Wire Flush Cutters

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Decent, cheap snips. Ideal for cutting wire, sprue, zip ties, plastic, and can be used to trim thin copper, brass, iron and aluminum. For thicker materials use the Heavy Wire Flush Cutters or the ones included in the RDQ Toolkit!

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  • Very Sharp Blades (Ideal for easy cutting)
  • Spring Loaded Lap Joint
  • Rubber Comfort Grips 


  • Overall Length: ~130mm (5")
  • Weight: ~58g
  • Recommended Max Cutting Diameter
    • Solid Copper: 1mm 
    • Plastic: Φ4mm
    • Copper Wire: 12 AWG(Φ2.0mm)
    • Iron Wire: 14 AWG(Φ1.6mm)


  • 1x Model 170 Flush Cutter Wire Snips