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NewBeeDrone 0802 18000kv Brushless Motors - Unibell Gold Edition (Set of 4)

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NewBeeDrone has gone brushless! These 0802 18000kv motors were tested and then selected from many different KV and size options to give you the best overall flying experience. With more punch and more top end than traditional brushed motors, these brushless motors bring everything to the next level.
These motors come with JST-1.0 plugs installed but also come with a set of Micro JST-1.25's. The BeeBrain Brushless uses Flight controller uses JST-1.0 plugs. These packs are designed for 1s packs such as the Nitro Nectar Gold 300mah HV 1s packs!
Spare motor plugs can be found here. Spare motor screws can be found here.
Specifications:   - 0802 Motor Size - 18,000kv (Designed for 1s) - 1mm Shaft size - Lead wire solder pads - JST-1.0 Plugs installed - 24mm cable length - 2.05g each
What does that mean in terms of performance? Check out this video from team pilot DZ flying outdoors on 1s using our Nectar gold 300 packs and BeeBrain BL FC.