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NewBeeDrone CineMah Stick-on Foam Ducts

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The CineMah Frame - The Most Versatile Cinewhoop Frame

The CineMah frame is NewBeeDrone’s response to the need for a lighter and more versatile cinewhoop frame for 3 inch and 76 mm propellers. The CineMah has a unique light frame construction that is unique among cinewhoop frames on the market today. The all-carbon fiber frame structure allows for easy access to electronics while providing maximum structural strength. High rigidity and an optimized vibrational signature make for easy filter and PID tuning. 

 The 3D printed Snap-in duct is design to fit with xx08 size motors. For example, the 1408 Flow motors. If you use flow 2004 motors, the propeller position will be lower under the top carbon fiber plate, at this point the snap in duct will conflict with the propeller position. Stick-on foam duct is design for this configuration. no matter what size motor you were using. Stick-on foam duct will work perfectly. It is also low cost, when it wear out you can easily remove it and replace to a new one. 

Stick-on Foam Duct is design to work with lower profile motor configuration. 
Recommend to use on 2004 size motor.