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NewBeeDrone Nitro Nectar 18650 Li-Ion Cells (2 Pack)

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Nitro Nectar 18650 Li-Ion Cells for Goggle Batteries

These two Li-Ion cells are perfect for use in a goggle battery! With 2600mAh of capacity each and a 12C discharge rating, these cells will provide plenty of battery life.

As a Flight Battery

The Nitro Nectar 18650 Li-Ion cells can be used in a flight battery but do not perform as well as flight-optimized batteries due to their lower discharge rating.

Compared to the Sony VTC6 3000mAh Li-Ion, the Nitro Nectar achieved 12 minutes of flight versus 15 minutes for the Sony cells. 


  • 2x Individual Li-Ion 18650 2600mAh 12C Cells.
  • 1x plastic carrying case.