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PH1.0 to JST1.25 Camera Cable Wiring Kit

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This DIY wiring kit takes the guesswork out of hunting for compatible wires to connect your camera and AIO board. 

Some AIO boards, like the HappyModel X12 2S AIO Whoop Flight Controller, come with a PH1.0 connector for the camera and includes a connecting wire. However, if we wanted to use a Caddx Ant Nano FPV Camera, which has a different JST1.25 connector and different ground/volt/signal layout, we would have to solder to the board. Both the flight controller and the camera come with connecting wires but you would still have to solder to the flight controller. We were looking for a true plug-and-play option, but could not find one. So we created this kit for those specific situations that call for it. 

Just remember the pin layout for the camera and board. The wire is not prebuilt as different cameras and boards have different pin layouts. 


  • 1x JST1.25 connector
  • 1x PH1.0 connector
  • 3x 30awg wires (red, black, and yellow)