SH 1.0 Silicone Cable Set - Custom Wire Harness Kit for Flight Controller to ESC Connectors

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This SH harness and wire kit takes the guess work out of hunting for the perfect fit for your 4 in 1 ESC, Flight Controllers and Cameras! Stop hoping your have the right pinout laying around and make your own! 



  • Silicone wire - Flexible and wont shrink with heat from your soldering iron!
  • Precrimped ends on both sides of the wire. 


  • 12x Double crimped cables - 5cm
  • 12x Double crimped cables - 10cm
  • 12x Double crimped cables - 15cm
  • 3x 2-pin SH connectors
  • 3x 3-pin SH connectors
  • 3x 4-pin SH connectors
  • 3x 5-pin SH connectors
  • 3x 6-pin SH connectors
  • 3x 7-pin SH connectors
  • 3x 8-pin SH connectors
  • 3x 9-pin SH connectors
  • 3x 10-pin SH connectors
  • 3x 11-pin SH connectors
  • 3x 12-pin SH connectors

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