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SPMSR315, Spektrum RC SR315 3-Channel DSMR Sport Surface Receiver

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SPMSR315, Spektrum RC SR315 3-Channel DSMR Sport Surface Receiver

The Spektrum SR315 3-Channel DSMR Sport Surface Receiver is built around frequency-agile DSMR technology. The SR315 receiver delivers superb range and response, especially in noisy RF environments where a solid 2.4GHz link is crucial. Not only is the 2.4ghz link solid, this model also implements lightning fast 5.5ms frame rate, providing a quicker, low-latency connection for the pro-level enthusiast.

The SR315 also features a modern case design that is small, streamlined, and ready for nearly any RC application. The case also features added antenna support and an integrated antenna tube slot for seamlessly easy installation.

No more bind plugs! Instead, an easy-to-use bind button is used to enter the bind mode. Plus, while binding, you have the choice of SmartSafe™ as well as preset ‘Gas’ failsafe options. All combined, Spektrum gives drivers more features in an affordable receiver, so you can drive with confidence.

Compact Design

The SR315 is capable of being placed in very small and tight builds. Unnecessary angles were eliminated to streamline the receiver casing and to make installation easier than ever before. The case also features added antenna support and an integrated antenna tube slot for those custom models that do not provide a route for the antenna installation.

Bind Button

Updated technology eliminates the need for the old bind plug. With The SR315 a top-located button makes binding more convenient than ever while two bind-sequence options make the process simpler by allowing you to bind while powering up or after receiver power is connected.

Gas Mode Failsafe

Built into The SR315 is Spektrum's failsafe mode for surface applications, Gas Mode Failsafe. Easily selectable during binding, Gas Mode allows users to preset the failsafe position of all available channels. Additionally drivers can utilize SmartSafe ™ failsafe which drops throttle to the lowest point and holds the last known command on the rest of the available channels.


  • Streamlined design in a compact and lightweight hard-case
  • Bind-button eliminates the need for a bind plug
  • SmartSafe™ Failsafe and Preset "Gas Mode" Failsafe options
  • Outstanding range and 5.5ms capable DSMR technology
  • Ideal for nearly any surface RC model


  • Band: 2.4GHz   
  • Bind Method: Bind Button   
  • Channels: 3   
  • Data Port: No   
  • Failsafe: Yes   
  • Height: 0.53 in (13.6 mm)   
  • Input Voltage: 3.5-9.6 V   
  • Length: 1.28 in (32.7 mm)   
  • Modulation: DSMR   
  • Number of Receivers: 1   
  • Range: Full   
  • Telemetry: No   
  • Type: Surface Receiver   
  • Water-Resistant: No   
  • Weight: 0.21 oz (6.0 g)   
  • Width: 0.84 in (21.4 mm)

This product was added to our catalog on March 18, 2021