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SPMXPSA200, Spektrum RC Smart G2 Powerstage Air Bundle w/3S Smart LiPo Battery (2200mAh)

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SPMXPSA200, Spektrum RC Smart G2 Powerstage Air Bundle w/3S Smart LiPo Battery (2200mAh)

This Spektrum RC Smart G2 PowerStage Air Bundle is a one box solution that includes one 3s LiPo 2200mAh battery, and charger to suite many aircraft requirements that need 3s LiPo power.

Spektrum Smart G2 Battery

You'll never have to set charge preferences for a Spektrum Smart battery until you want to. When a Spektrum Smart LiPo battery is connected to a Spektrum Smart charger, unique parameters and health of that Smart LiPo battery are upload from the Smart memory microchip integrated into the battery. Through the charger, you can view and set preferences, such as charge rates, so that all you have to do to charge the pack every time is press the charger "Start" button. Smart technology takes care of the rest. The updated G2 performance batteries feature an all in one connector that eliminates the need for a balance connector, as the balance process is done through the charger and the battery connector. The smart batteries also come programmed from the factory to self discharge to a safe 3.90V per cell after 72hrs of inactivity. All of the functions and features placed in this battery are intended to supply the user with a powerful and safe lithium battery. 

Spektrum Smart G2 S120 USB Charger

The Spektrum S120 USB-C Smart Charger features Spektrum Smart Charging technology in a small and simple to use platform. This 20W charger easily charges compatible Spektrum Smart batteries conveniently from almost any USB power source. When a Spektrum Smart battery is connected, the S120 immediately detects the battery information and automatically begins to charge. Spektrum Smart charging is designed to be safe, intuitive and convenient so you can simply look forward to putting your batteries back to action!

Charger Features:

  • Easily charges compatible smart batteries from convenient USB power (power supply not included) 
  • Automatically detects smart battery information and begins charging when connected 
  • Compatible with 2-3 cell Smart LiPo Batteries
Battery Features:
  • Simpler and safer to use
  • Pre-installed IC3 connector
  • Balance charge through the IC3 connector data wire — with only one connection, no balance lead required
  • Faster Auto Discharge at up to 1.5A to safe storage voltage for long battery life and improved performance
  • Thicker internal metal side plates protect cells and improve heat dissipation
  • Integrated microchip stores unique parameters for each battery
  • IC3 and IC5 connectors are also compatible with EC3 and EC5 styles
  • Charger:
    • Type: USB Charger
    • Input: 5-12VDC Via USB type C (power supply required) 
    • Cells: 2-3 Cell LiPo, 6-7 cell NiMH
    • Charge Rate: 4.35V @ 2A (Not selectable)
    • Input Connector: USB
    • Output Connector: IC3
    • Battery Type: Only compatible with Spektrum SMART batteries
    • Dimensions: 2x2x0.55" (51x51x14mm)
    • Battery:
      • Battery Type: LiPo (3.7V per cell)
      • Battery Voltage: 11.1V
      • Charge Protection Circuitry: Yes
      • Connector Type: IC3
      • Programmable: Yes
      • Application: Airplanes, Helicopters
      • Battery Balance Connector: G2 Smart
      • Capacity: 2200mAh
      • Number of Cells: 3
      • Maximum Burst Discharge Rate: 30C
      • Normal/Standard Charge Rate: 1C
      • Technology: Smart
    • (1) S120 USB-C Smart Charger 1x20W (SPMXC1020)
    • (1) 11.1V 2200mAh 3S 30C Smart G2 LiPo Battery with IC3 (SPMX223S30)
    • (1) USB Type C Cable

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