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TBS Honeybadger X8 9" Professional Cinelifter Frame

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The Honeybadger X8 is a Cinelifter designed without any compromises. With 9" props, it can be flown like a 5" freestyle quad to achieve shots that are on the edge of what physics allows us to do.

The top notch performance is archieved through a design thats balanced on all axis while retaining a high prop disk area in relation to the frame size. 

Our goal with this frame was to create a platform to carry cinema cameras such as the RED Komodo while pushing the flight performance to a level where stabilization of the footage is not necessary.

But don't trust our words, watch the unstabilized freestyle video with a RED Komodo below and see for yourself.

To complete a full frame set, you will need an additional alphagel camera mount. 

The Honeybadger X8 Frame is using the same cam mounting pattern as the shendrones thicc. All cam mounts for the thicc are also compatible with the Honeybadger X8 frame and can be reused.

For the best performance, use the RR FPV Alphagel Mount will be available on the TBS Store soon.


  • 1x Honeybadger X8 Cinelifter Frame


  • 1x RR FPV Alphagel Dampening Plate
  • 8x 1050kv Motors
  • 2x 60A 4in1 ESC or equivalent 8in1 ESC
  • 1x Spike Absorber
  • 2x 2000uF 50V Low ESR Capacitors
  • 1x F722-HD FC
  • 1x DJI or Equivalent Air Unit / VTX
  • 2x MMCX to SMA Adapter
  • 2x Triumph Pro LHCP Extra Long
  • 1x Polulu 12v 2.4A Step Down Regulator
  • 1x Receiver
  • 2x XT60 Pigtails


This Frame was designed in germany and switzerland by Paul Kuhn and Noah Waldner.