TinysLEDs PodLite 20x20 & 30x30 RGB LED Board

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Adding addressable lighting to your Quad Pods is easier now with the PodLite!

It has 30x30mm and 20x20mm mounting (for 20x20 mounting, clip the tabs) and a flat bottom for mounting other items. 

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  • 5x WS2812B Addressable LEDs
  • M3 Sized holes for both 30 and 20mm mount spacing.
  • 5 Volts, 300ma MAX Draw
  • Flight controller addressable
  • Weight: 2.1 Grams


  • 1x TinysLEDs PodLite 20x20 & 30x30 RGB LED Board

Layout for PodLite in BetaFlight:

PodLite - Tiny's LEDs

The top is where the 4 pads are on the board.