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Vanover Vannystyle 5" Frame Kit

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The all-new Vannystyle frame by Alex Vanover! After one year of testing nine different versions of this frame, we finally came down to what I believe to be the perfect all-around freestyle frame.

This frame features some unique features such as the ability to toilet tank the lipo battery to get the weight closer to the center of gravity which results in better overall flight performance. Even though the frame is only 120 grams with hardware, it has 5.5mm arms and 2.5mm plates all around making it extremely durable in the toughest of crashes.

One of the coolest features of the frame is the puzzle piece on the bottom plate. The puzzle piece holds the arms in place so you can take off the bottom plate and swap it out. This makes repairing so easy when the frame inevitably breaks.

It also boasts extreme camera protection so you won't have to worry about smashing cameras or lenses in crashes. In between the bottom plate and mid plate are two vertical carbon fiber plates, which help stiffen the frame up even more and also isolate the resonance in the frame.

The frame has 20x20 and 30x30 m3 mounting as well as 20x20 m2 and 25.5x25.5 m2 mounting for all of the newest Digital FPV transmitters.

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  • Wheelbase 5": 222mm
  • Top Plate: 2.5mm
  • Bottom Plate: 2.5mm
  • Arm thickness: 5.5mm
  • Stack Mounting: 30.5m30.5mm & 20x20mm
  • Weight: 120g


  • 1x Frame kit (4x arms, 2x cam plates, 2x puzzle piece, 2x stiff plates, 1x bottom plate, 1x top plate, 1x mid plate, 1x hardware kit)