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VCI Hobby Spark 2208 2450Kv Motor

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2208s from VCI are perfect for your 4S Freestyle Rig!

Experience the future of motor technology with Vulcan Innovation. Elevate your FPV experience and be part of the elite. Welcome to a new era of speed and precision.

Vulcan Innovation stands as a beacon of excellence in motor manufacturing, boasting a team of engineers whose expertise rivals the most seasoned professionals in the industry. While they may be a new brand, they are far from new to the realms of design, engineering, and manufacturing.

Check out our vast brushless motors selection, as well as other VCI Hobby Products!


  • With its 12S14P configuration and 40mO internal resistance, this model has strong, dependable thrust.
  • The ø22xL8mm stator and N52SH arc magnets provide a smooth and satisfying flight experience.
  • Weighing in at 36.3g and boasting a max instantaneous power of 807.36W, it's ready to be sent!


  • Kv rating: 2450Kv
  • Configuration: 12S14P
  • Internal Resistance: 40mO
  • Shaft Length: 13.1mm
  • Rated Voltage: 4S (16V)
  • Peak Current: 50.46A
  • Idle Current(10V): 1.4A
  • Magnets: N52SH arc
  • Stator Size: ø22xL8mm
  • Dimensions: ø27xL34.2mm
  • Shaft Diameter: M5
  • Mounting holes: 16x16 φ3mm
  • Silicone Wire: 20AWG 150mm
  • Max Instanteous Power: 807.36
  • Weight (including Cable): 36.3g
VCI Hobby 2208 2450Kv Motor VCI Hobby 2208 2450Kv Motor


  • 1x VCI Hobby 2208 2450Kv Motor