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XHover Driblet Hardware Pack


This is a hardware pack for the XHover Driblet 2" frame by LeDrib. Includes:  1x Foam Lipo Pad 4x 20MM Standoffs  8x 6MM M3 Screws  

XHover Driblet Main Plate


This is a replacement/spare main plate for the XHover Driblet 2" Frame by LeDrib. Includes: 1x 2" Main Plate 1x Foam Lipo Pad  

Rotor Riot CL1 X-Brace

Rotor Riot CL1 X-Brace


This is an upgraded X-Brace for the Rotor Riot CL1. This upgrade plate is 3MM instead of the standard 1.5MM X-Brace that comes with the frame.

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