BetaFPV BT2.0 to PH2.0 1S Whoop Adapter Cable 6 Pack

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BT2.0 Connector - the most significant revolution in 1S Whoop Drone! 

To provide our customers with greatest convenience, we specially made this adapter cable, this adapter cable will be a perfect solution when you want to charge the BT2.0 300 mAh 1S battery with the PH 2.0 charger. 

We also carry BT2.0 pigtails and connectors for converting your whoops!

Check out all our pigtails, connectors and adapters as well as our range of BetaFPV gear!

Not sure if it's worth to switch BT2.0? Check more from Joshua Bardwell'video- Proof that BT2.0 connector is better than PH 2.0


  • Conversion from PH2.0 connector to BT2.0 connector can be achieved with just one Adapter Cable, which convenient for charge the BT 2.0 battery with the PH 2.0 charger. 



  • Item: BT2.0-PH2.0 Adapter Cable 
  • Length: 55mm (Not included the plug)
  • Weight: 1.07g(1 pcs)
  • Wire Type: 22AWG
  • Input Port: PH2.0 male connector(connect PH2.0 charger)
  • Output Port: BT2.0 female connector(connect BT2.0 battery)
  • Note: Blue represents the positive pole (+); White represents the negative pole(-)


  • 6x BetaFPV BT2.0 to PH2.0 1S Whoop Adapter Cable