HappyModel V4 75mm Whoop Frame For Moblite7 / Mobula7 / Mobula7 1S - Choose Color

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The new V4 frame for the Mobula 7, Moblite 7, Mobula 7 1S and Mobula 7 1S HD. This revision upgrades the chassis to be more rugged with a lower mounting point for flight controllers, and not block the USB port. Compared to the V2 frame, the weight has increased by 1g, but it is more resistant to falls and offers better stability.

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    • Wheelbase: 75mm
    • Maximum Propeller size: 40mm
    • Color: White or Black
    • Weight: 5.4g


    • 1x HappyModel V4 75mm Frame For Moblite 7 / Mobula 7 / Mobula 7 1S - Choose Color