10 PACK of RDQ Series 3.8V 1S 300mAh 1S 45C LiHV Whoop/Micro Battery - PH2.0 Plastic Head

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The RDQ Series 300 mAh 1S battery with hard PH 2.0 connector is right at home in your smaller 1S brushed or brushless whoops. The connector on this pack is the same short plastic head connector(no pigtail) featured on some of our other 1S batteries like the RDQ Series 1S 250

We also carry these packs as singles, and a pigtailed version. 

This new battery will fit perfectly in the Mobula7 and Beta65x whoop with no modification or additional adapters. 

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  • Capacity: 300 mAh
  • Connector: PH2.0
  • Dimensions: 7x11x60mm
  • Weight: 7.59g


  • 10x 3.8V 1S 300mAh 1S 45C LiHV Battery