Stan FPV Pro 2604 1690Kv Motor

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The theory behind the Stan FPV Pro 2604 1690Kv Motor lies in the low/wide design, producing a much higher amount of torque with the wider magnet placement for the ability to handle the lowest OR highest pitch props with ease. Being so wide for the load that it acts like a freewheel in a car, buffering and smoothing the entire system! The effect helps everything from frame vibrations to FC gyro data /calculation, Rx input and more! It's very noticeable in a very positive way! Think ice skater with their hands out - it takes just a little longer than a normal motor size to change acceleration, and so this in itself helps buffer inputs for a smoother flight feel and smoother final footage. 

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  • Input Voltage: 3-6S (5"-6" 4s-6s)(7" 3s-4s)
  • Motor Mounting Pattern: 16x16mm
  • Shaft Size: 5mm
  • Stator Size: 26x4mm
  • KV: 1690Kv
  • Weight (w/ 195mm wires): 29.1g
  • Shaft: 5mm Hollow Titanium
  • Bearings: EZO
  • Wire Length: 195mm 20AWG


  • 1x Stan FPV Pro 2604 1690Kv Motor
  • 1x 5mm Prop Nut
  • 8x M3 Frame Mounting Screws
  • 1x Spare Shaft Screw