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ZOHD PNP Dart 250G FPV Plane

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Due to this item’s size or weight, it is not available for free shipping and may be shipped via ground.    This is a PNP wing, but assembly is still required.

Based on the great reputation of the Dart Wing family and the invaluable info gathered from top world-wide FPV pilots, ZOHD was able to develop the Dart 250. Using the default configuration and the recommended FPV gear, it is 100% under 250 grams. Now you can enjoy more than 30 minutes of FPV action (with a 18650 2S1P 3500mAh) or a thrilling proximity mission (on 3S setup). A small wingspan of 570mm makes it super portable!

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  • AUW is less than 250 grams which makes it ideal to comply with regulations.
  • Durable EPP material, built-in CF spar for enhancement, crash resistant
  • Glue-free assembly, the main wing and tails come with pre-applied 3M adhesive, just peel it off and install them
  • Large battery bay for extended flight time
  • Nose camera bay compatible with all FPV and AIO cameras in the market
  • Teflon cover for the fuselage bottom, super durable, protecting the fuselage bottom from scratches
  • Servo arms are well protected by an EPP hump
  • Built-in CF rod in the ailerons will give precision and sharp action to your inputs
  • Dedicated equipment bay for Flight Controller and GPS
  • Main wing leading edge cover for those unexpected impacts
  • Textured areas on both side of the fuselage, for more secure hand launch grip
  • Optimized air-cooling design will keep your gear safe from overheating
  • ESC Connector: XT30 with JST accessory plug. 


  • 1x Dart 250G with servos, motor, and ESC installed.