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Fractal Engineering Fractal 75 Pro Max Micro/Whoop Frame Kit - Pro Lite Kit + BetaFPV Meteor75 Pro White

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From motorpost to motorpost on this frame, the distance is 84mm.

Are you a whoop racer seeking the best performance with no reliability sacrifice? An FPV pilot wanting a solid frame with fast maintenance? Or after a tough frame to keep you airborne, instead of flimsy nylon frames?  If you answer yes to any of those, then the Fractal 75 Pro Max was designed for you! This kit contains all you need to construct your craft - it's compatible with most parts and has a 25.5x25.5mm mount for the AIO and motor mounts for 3xM1.4x6.6mm and 3xM1.6x5.5. 

Choose between getting the Fractal 75 Pro Max whoop micro Frame Lite Kit, which does not come with ducts, or grab a combo of the Fractal 75 Pro Max Whoop Micro-frame kit and BetaFPV Meteor75 Pro Whoop Frame.

Note: This is designed for prop guards that fit 45mm props like the Meteor75 Pro. This will serve as your protection and allows you to replace a single duct where-as standard whoop frames need to be fully replaced when a single duct breaks.

The Pro Version has been scaled to the max to fit 45mm props 

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  • A completely new variant of the F75, but this is actually 84mm motorpost to motorpost distance.
  • The same winning recipe, scaled to fit 45mm props with ducts while keeping the camera up front
  • Extended camera mount to reduce prop guards in view
  • Low center of gravity, by bringing the AIO close to the frame/motors
  • Allows mounting with USB pointed up for easy accelerometer calibration
  • Easy maintenance, break a duct, replace only the single duct
  • No need for a canopy as all electronics are tucked safely between the ducts
  • Approximately 21g using the Happymodel DiamondF4 AIO

Recommended Parts List

FEA optimization test performed, ensuring the stress gets spread out across the whole structure without concentrations


    • CF Weight: 2.21g
    • Motor Bolt Pattern: 6mm Tri-Mount & 5.5mm Tri-Mount
    • Stack Size: 25x25mm


    • 1x Fractal Engineering Fractal 75 Micro Frame Kit - Pro Lite Kit + BetaFPV Meteor75 Pro White