Eachine E010S 3.8g Whoop Frame

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The Eachine E010S Whoop Frame is made with the FPV pilot in mind! It is both flexible and lightweight, making the frame more durable and your Whoop more capable than ever before.

The E010S Frame is 25% lighter (weighing only 3.8g) than it's older model, the E010 Black Frame, which weighs in at 5.05g (according to Tiny Whoop). This means that your Super Insane, Super Fast, or Special Sauce motors will have an easier time whipping your Whoop around the sky (your living room). Combine this lightweight Eachine E010S frame with one of our flight controllers, and you've got a winning (and fun!) combination.

You still need this battery adapter to fly. 

Weight: 3.8g

Like it's older model, the rear mounting hole is not used. You can trim it with side cutters, scissors, or a blow torch if you're skilled with blow torches. 

Note: Because of the flexible nature of the frame, you may have to bend the frame slightly upon receipt in the mail or after a crash to get it to sit perfectly level. This is normal and the result of a frame which will not require repairs as much as other frames currently on the market.

Durability and Flexibility Testing

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