Hypetrain Brat 1407 4140Kv Micro Motor by Rotor Riot

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The first “bigger” 3? motor designed for cinematic smoothness, while still balancing efficiency and power. Created specifically for the Acrobrat frame, this motor’s priority is to deliver the smoothest operation out of any 1407 on the market. Smooth operation means less vibrations. Less vibrations means less “noise” for your flight controller to deal with. Less “noise” means better performance and better efficiency. Most importantly, less “noise” means less jello for your CMOS camera (ie – the Runcam Split Mini)! Check out the rest of our Micro Motors Selection! Specs: KV: 4140 Bearings: MR52ZZ-NSK Stator diameter: 14mm Stator height: 7mm Weight: 13.3 g(including the wire) Wire length: 24(gauge) 100mm Shaft size: 1.5mm Mounting screw pattern: 12mm Input Voltage: 2s-4S                    Magnet: N42 Series Package includes the following screws: M2x6mm, M2x7mm, M2x8mm for props and mounting

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