TrueRC EM-Vee 900 Antenna - U.FL

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The Vee is a sort of dipole bent to form a “V” of more or less angle. It yield a more uniform radiation pattern with nulls on top and bottom that aren’t as bad as the regular straight dipole.  We pushed it a little further with more pronounced angle that reduce nulls further, especially toward the bottom (under the logo). 

Check out the SMA Rigid version!


  • Frequencies: 868-930MHz
  • Gain:1.7dBi
  • Cable: Flexible RG178
  • Connector: U.fl
  • Dimensions: 135mm x 75mm (80mm cable)

Patent pending.

Note from the designer: We left two solder pads on each side of the antenna. They are to solder your own wires, either for repair or DIYer.