Spedix IS30 2-4S BLHeli_S DShot600 30A ESC

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The Spedix IS30 is a 30 amp ESC, able to run 2-4s batteries, and is Spedix's latest offering to the community. According to Spedix, the IS30 ESC is the best ESC for running a 4s battery, because of the large 5 x 6mm MOSFETs. Compared to the 3.3 x 3.3mm MOSFETs on most ESCs, these larger MOSFETs are more efficient in power delivery and consumption, and more reliable. This means a better flying quad, greater flight time, for more flights than ever before. This ESC is slightly smaller than the Spedix 30a ESC, and is recommended over this ESC for 4s builds. If you plan on using a 5 or 6s battery in the future, then you should use the Spedix 30. Additionally, if you are already flying the Spedix 30, it is not recommended to mix ESC types. The IS30 is only available in a 30 amp configuration.