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Diatone SP3 Stackable VTX with OSD and 600mw, 200mw, 25mw Power Output - V1.3 (latest version)

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The new Diatone Stackable SP3 40 channel Raceband VTX with OSD has 4 switchable power outputs .05mw 25mw, 200mw and 600mw. It features an integrated MWOSD, giving you real time flight data. This cool new VTX has 30.5 by 30.5 mounting holes so you can place it above your flight controller.

Diatone is an amazing company that offers expert product and has built a name for themselves in the FPV racing world that everyone has come to know. We are proud to be partnered with them and offer the Diatone Stackable VTX SP3 40 CH switchable power video transmitter with pigtail for sale on our site. With this video transmitter, you can count on clean and reliable video. 


One button does it all

  • Short Press: Switches Frequency
  • Press & Hold for 2 Sec: Switches Frequency Band
  • Press & Hold for 10 Sec: Switches Power
  • 0.5mw, 25mw, 200mw, 600mw options
  • Light off: 0.05mw
  • Blue Light: 25mw
  • Red Light: 200mw
  • Red & Blue Light: 600mw


  • SMA Pigtail Connection
  • Operating Voltage: 10V - 25V
  • Supply Current: 300ma
  • PAL/NTSC/SECAM compatible
  • RF Output: 0.5mw, 25mw, 200mw, 600mw
  • Weight with Pigtail: 12g
  • Stack dimensions: 30.5mm x 30.5mm
  • 5v Camera Out
  • 48 Channels

Package Included:
1 x DIATONE SP2 40CH Video Transmitter

Purchase a spare video cable here.

We hope you enjoy this transmitter as much as we do! Of course if you have any questions, comments and/or concerns we love to hear from our customers. Contact us through Facebook and we will respond promptly or you can always shoot us an email by going to our contact us page.

Check out more of our product at or other transmitters from Team Blacksheep.

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