EMAX Pagoda 5.8GHz (50mm or 80mm) SMA Antenna 2 Pack - LHCP

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The EMAX Pagoda Antenna not only offers superb video quality, but it does so at an affordable price (only $14.99/set of 2)! Designed by Maarten Baert, and produced and quality controlled by EMAX, this version of the Pagoda uses triple-tiered 1oz copper PCBs to capture the video signal. This is in contrast to normal antennas, where the video is captured by weak and vulnerable wire. Additionally, this provides for an excellent axial ratio of <1.3, and a SWR of 1.2. 

These antenna perform great as both receiver and transmitter (RX and TX) antennas. They are sold in two heights, 50mm and 80mm. Generally, we would recommend 50mm for your quad and 80mm for your receiver, but they are interchangeable and the true requirement varies from build to build. 

  • Includes 2x antennas, both the height you select (either 2x 50mm or 2x 80mm)
  • Color is White

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