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RDQ Badass 2205 1800kv FPV Racing Motor

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We've brought in the low KV version of the RDQ Badass 2205 2450kv Motors! Pilots love the Naked Bottom motors because of weight savings and the ability to easily clean and maintain your motors. Additionally, it brings all of the performance and value you've come to last with our original Badass motors. Here's more info: 

This budget minded racing and freestyle motor is, well, badass! From BrotherHobby is our version of the Returner R2 motor. With a 2205 stator and 1800kv though, they are designed for those looking into the low kv side of flying!  These motors also have AL7075, a hard and durable aluminum which is special ordered and specific to our verison of this motor! It offers increased durability and thread strength, so you can crash these motors with confidence!

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  • 7075 Aluminum for increased durability
  • 16x16mm Bottom
  • 150mm long wires - great for 4-in-1 ESCs
  • 0.2mm stator utilizing Kawasaki silicon steel
  • 20 AWG wire
  • N52H arm magnets
  • Japanese NSK 3x8x4mm Bearings
  • 26.5g weight - relatively light compared to many other motors 
  • 2-6s Capable



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