RunCam TX200U 25-200mW 5.8GHz Micro VTX - U.FL

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An update to the popular RunCam TX200, the TX200U adds BFCMS control to a tiny VTX made to be attached to the back of your RunCam FPV camera.

They include a button to change channels, bands, power levels of the VTX, and the LED strip.

Just note that the mounting holes for the TX200U are made specifically for RunCam cameras, other manufacturer's cameras may not fit the form factor correctly.

RunCamTX25,1S 5.8G 6band,48CH 25mw,Video TransmitterRunCamTX25,1S 5.8G 6band,48CH 25mw,Video Transmitter
Model RunCam TX200U
Frequency Channel 5.8G 48CH
Output Power 25mW / 200mW
Working Current 5V@150~400mA
Voltage out 5V@max 250mA
Voltage in 1S 3.5-5.5V
Video Input Impedance 75 Ohm
Antenna U.FL 5.8G 2dB Omni antenna
Weight 2.5g (with antenna)
PCB Size 19mm*19mm



  • 1 X TX200U
  • 1 X Set of screws


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